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5 Reasons Why You Should Take A Life Insurance

To be very honest, nobody has any knowledge of the future. But obtaining life insurance allows you and your loved ones to be ready for any unforeseen circumstances. You can slumber well at night with even a modest policy knowing that your family is currently covered. Our futures are extremely unpredictable. We therefore never know what will occur to us in the next instant, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow.

Tomorrow, you might get a lucky break in life, win a jackpot, or even fulfill a long-standing desire.  The safety of your loved ones may be jeopardized occasionally if circumstances turn against you or if an unfortunate accident occurs in your life. As a result, purchasing life insurance is one of the most crucial financial decisions you will ever make. By doing so, you can attain all of your financial objectives.

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a contract between a policy holder and an insurance company that states that, in return for a payment, the insurer would pay a certain amount of money upon the demise of the insured party or after a specific amount of time.

Your agreement with an insurance provider is known as life insurance. Essentially, the insurance provider will give your beneficiaries a lump sum, known as a death benefit, in return for your premium payments. The funds are available for use by your beneficiaries for any objective.

Life Insurance Premiums in Bangladesh

Contrary to popular belief, life insurance premiums can be surprisingly reasonable, depending on your age, the type of policy you choose, and the level of coverage you require. Everybody's life insurance premiums are unique, and the price varies widely between people. It can be beneficial to understand life insurance rates, including how they operate and how they are determined, if you are looking to get life insurance. In exchange for your life insurance coverage, you must pay a life insurance premium to your life insurance provider.

What are the Different Types of Life Insurance?

Knowing what life insurance is and how it is defined can help you understand the various types of life insurance policies available:

Traditional Life Insurance

Traditional life insurance policies provide the insured with protection and security through a variety of advantages, including life cover and returns. They are regarded as risk-free policies. This is due to the fact that they provide a set benefit (cover amount) either at the conclusion of the term or upon the death of the insured. 

A life insurance plan can be one of three things:

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Endowment Plan or Guaranteed Return Plan
  • Money Back Policy


Term life insurance policies are, for the most part, risk-free, inexpensive, and are typically thought to offer the highest level of coverage. These policies can be bought for a certain term of 10 or 20 years. When the insured person dies or the term has ended, this plan offers a fixed payout. The purest form of life insurance is term life insurance because it offers life coverage without any savings or profit-related elements.

Through life insurance with assured returns, endowment plans offer financial protection. He will receive a lump payment if he lives through the policy's maturity date. These plans provide very little life insurance, and most buyers choose for them for the rewards they receive upon maturation. These programs are excellent if you're putting money aside for a major purchase.

A defined portion of the sum assured is guaranteed to be paid to the customer under a money-back policy for a predetermined period of time. Endowment plans with liquidity are, in essence, money back plans. The policyholder is able to accomplish short-term financial objectives as a result.

5 Reasons Why You Should Take A Life Insurance

Financial Stability: Life can be erratic and unstable. A tragic occurrence like death is tough to make less likely. Families in these circumstances have a financial crisis due to a lack of a fixed income. Early life investment in the greatest life insurance coverage serves as a safety net in such situations. According to the definition of life insurance, the insurance company is obligated to pay the nominee or beneficiary a predetermined sum assured. As a consequence, his family is safeguarded even when the policyholder is not present.

Savings for the Long Term: When making long-term investments, it's critical to consider the value of life insurance. These insurance plans assist you in methodically saving money and creating a corpus that can be used for a variety of purposes, including the construction of a new home, paying for your child's quality education, and paying for a child's wedding.

Investment Options: Planning your investments effectively requires an understanding of what life insurance means in the context of your financial situation. Unit-Linked Investment Plans (ULIPs), which are essentially investment strategies based on market-linked returns and life insurance, are offered by life insurance carriers. By using a single financial product, you can obtain two benefits. The market-linked life insurance policies make "ULIPs" a trustworthy investment tool by providing sizable profits upon maturity.

Tax Benefits: In accordance with Sections 80C and 10D of the Income Tax Act, life insurance has income tax advantages. While Section 10 (10D) exempts the income at maturity provided the premium does not exceed 10% of the sum assured or Insurance, Section 80C allows you to deduct the premium for a life insurance policy up to 1.5 lakh rupees. Ten times or more the cost of insurance.

Plan for Education, Meet Retirement Goals

Saving money for your child's education can be done in a variety of ways. Even purchasing a life insurance policy can be a sensible way to put money down for a child's schooling. In actuality, the amount you paid for insurance may be a fantastic way for you to save money. In the future, if your child wants to repay his student loan for school or college in your absence, he can do so using the insurance proceeds.

Most people expect their retirement funds to last them for the rest of their lives. So, even after retirement, you can be guaranteed of receiving your normal monthly income thanks to life insurance coverage. Saving money yearly is comparable to creating the best pension plan. Conversely, you can continue to get a consistent monthly income even after retirement by routinely contributing to a life insurance policy.

Because they are worried about the hefty prices, many people choose not to purchase life insurance. But for the majority of consumers, insurance policy coverage becomes relatively affordable. But short life insurance is far less expensive than full life insurance. Additionally, your premium will be lower the younger and healthier you are. You can receive affordable insurance protection if you do not smoke or have any pre-existing medical conditions.

Carnival Assure

Carnival Assure, Bangladesh's first online insurance marketplace, makes it simple to purchase the required insurance policies and submit insurance claims. Carnival Assure is an online platform that enables you to access insurance services provided by a variety of insurance carriers, not an actual insurance company. This is a new service that makes obtaining a number of crucial insurance services easy for Bangladeshi nationals. At Carnival Assure, you can browse and compare health insurance plans from the best insurance companies all in one place. Then, you can pick the plan that's ideal for you. However, buying life insurance enables you to plan for any unforeseen circumstances and ensures that you and your loved ones are protected. You can rest easy knowing that your family is covered even with modest insurance.

To submit your claim online with Carnival Assure is quick, easy, and hassle-free. Our insurance claims processing division forwards each claim to the appropriate insurance company and handles each one promptly. You may relax since filing an insurance claim with Carnival Assure is now exceedingly straightforward.


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