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Health insurance

1. What is Health Insurance?
In case of any health emergency, you need to bear a wide array of expenses ranging from hospital bills, surgical costs; not to mentioned prescription drugs. Health insurance policy covers these costs for you, in simple words. Here at Carnival Assure, we give you health insurances based on your specific health risks, and future plans.
2. Why do I need a health insurance?
Your health dictates your longevity. Good health ensures a happier life, free from uncertainties. A health insurance safeguards your future in case of any health emergency, in order to bear medical expenses ranging from bills to surgeries.
3. What types of health insurance policies are there?
In general, there are two main types of health insurances; Hospital coverage, and general coverage. Hospital coverage plans ensures payment of any form of hospital bills in case of accidents or health degradations, while general coverage refers to payment related to other health costs such as dental, or physiotherapy.
4. I am already covered by my company’s group medical policy. Do I need further insurance?
You can always have multiple insurances to your name. If you are already satisfied by your company’s group medical policy, availing another insurance might become a financial burden. But, in case you want a separate, personalized medical policy to secure a better future for your loved ones in case of any accidents, or health hazards, we are here for you with unique medical policy plans tailored to your needs.
5. Is it possible for me to include medical costs related to more than one health problem in one claim form with Carnival Assure?
Yes, you can medical costs related to multiple health problems in one claim, in case you find yourself in an extremely dire situation. Our insurance experts can always get in touch with you to sort out your individual concerns in terms of medical costs.

Life insurance

1. What is life insurance?
A life insurance is the ideal plan to safeguard the future for yourself and your loved ones from any form of financial risks. Be it an untimely death, or saving up for your child’s education; life insurance covers a wide range of life necessities. Here at Carnival Assure, we believe that every life is unique.
Therefore, we offer unique insurance plans for you and your family, depending on what you need.
2. Why do I need a life insurance?
You can never guarantee certainty in life. Your life needs assurance, and that assurance needs financial stability. From accidental death, loan repayment, medical expenses, to securing pension payouts after a certain interval or period; life insurances make your life more sustainable and secure, financially.
3. What types life insurance policies are there?
In general, there three main categories of life insurances that you can purchase:
1. Term Life Insurance: If you purchase term life insurance, you receive insurance coverage for a time period chosen by you. In terms of affordability, it is more attainable as it does not provide any maturity payout. Term Life Insurance 2. Permanent Life Insurance: This life insurance policy covers you, the insurer for lifetime. You can decide to pay premiums throughout your lifetime, or for a certain period of time. This insurance policy provides payout to the beneficiary after the insurer’s death. 3. Endowment Life Insurance: This insurance policy can be summarized as a mix of term and permanent life insurance. If you purchase an endowment life insurance policy, you will be eligible for a payout after a specific period of life, along with surrender and maturity benefits.
4. What should I do after purchasing a life insurance?
After availing any insurance policy, all you have to do is make sure you are paying your premiums regularly through the mediums approved by your insurance provider. In case your life is going to a major shift; i.e., marriage, birth of a baby, etc. make sure you keep your insurance provider updated at a regular basis, notifying in written form. This comes into play especially if you want to change contact details, or beneficiary profile. Here at Carnival Assure, we make your post-purchase insurance journey as smooth as possible.
5. Why do I need life insurance-Why now?
We believe that it is always smarter to be safe than sorry. In case of your unfortunate death, you will be leaving behind your loved ones who will be needing financial support in maintaining a standard lifestyle, and covering core expenses. So, why not now?
6. What is insurance endowment?
Simply put, insurance endowment is a get way to save for your child’s education, smartly. All you have to do is contribute monthly, and we guarantee you a certain payout, or endowment, when it matures.
7. What are the benefits of endowment policy?
The most remarkable benefit that you can avail from endowment policy is the best of both worlds. Endowment policy is a mixture of term and permanent life insurance. Meaning, you receive a lump sum of money at the end of the determined coverage period, plus you also have the option to avail surrender and maturity benefits. This policy can be coined “one shoe fits all”.

General queries

1. What is Carnival Assure?
We are insurance aggregators, bringing you insurance packages tailored to your specific needs. We are not providing the insurance for you, we are simply availing it from the most trusted insurance providers in the country, and customizing it accordingly to your life.
2. Where are you located?
Visit us at Uday Tower (Level 12), 57 & 57A, Gulshan Ave, Dhaka, 1212.
3. How can I contact you?
Please call our hotline: 016300 (Saturday-Thursday, 10:00 am-6:00 pm), or email us at info@carnivalassure.com.bd
4. What are the services of Carnival Assure?
As insurance aggregators, we primarily secure insurances from the largest and most trusted insurance providers of the country, and serve customized packaged insurances for individuals, families, and companies. Our services range from Health, Life, Automobile, Savings Insurance.
5. What are the eligibility requirements of Insurance?
This depends on the category of policy you wish to avail. Please visit our insurance solutions section to get a better idea of the range of services we offer, including the eligibility criteria for each. Or simply contact our hotline, or send an email, and we will get in touch with you.
6. How do I make a claim at Carnival Assure?
The claiming process is incredibly simple with Carnival Assure. Simply click the ‘Claim’ button on the top right end of the homepage, and provide the required information. Your claim will be settled in due time.
Want to claim now? Press here: CLAIM
7. Is there a time limitation for submitting my claim at Carnival Assure?
The time duration for submitting your claims depend on your claim category and the type of claim submission. In order to make sure that we can process your claim as quickly as possible, please make sure that either you or someone or your behalf reaches out to us as soon possible.
8. How do I check the status of a claim?
Checking your claim status is a matter of two clicks. If you want to check the status of a claim, simply click on the ‘Claim’ section on our homepage, and choose the claim category. Voila!
9. When should I consider buying an insurance policy?
In general, the safest and most convenient time for you to avail any insurance policy is when you are young, and free from any potential health risks. During the application process, your health condition plays a crucial role in determining the premium amount. Therefore, please make sure to avail an insurance planning way ahead for any future health or life risks.
10. What type of insurance policy should I purchase?
It entirely depends on your needs. Before availing any insurance policy, please assess your specific needs and financial capabilities. Whether it is to safeguard the financial security for your family incase of untimely death or planning for a secured retirement; purchase an insurance plan which is tailored to your personalized needs. Here at Carnival Assure, you can choose to purchase the most suitable insurance plan for you.
To explore our wide range of insurance policies, please visit the ‘Solutions’ section on our homepage.
11. How should I choose an insurance service provider?
Before choosing any insurance provider, the first thing that you should consider is the financial stability. You can always find out an insurance provider’s authentic financials by going through Annual Report and Credit Ratings. Most importantly, choose the insurance provider who can deliver services matching your exact needs.
12. Can the insurance coverage be reduced?
Yes, insurance coverage amount can be reduced, in general. It mostly depends on your policy terms and conditions. Let’s not forget, there are various components integrated with any insurance coverage.
If you are interested to know more about policy details, please contact us here at Carnival Assure. We can help you check whether a policy can be adjusted as per your need.
13. How can I update my personal details?
You can update your personal information details when you proceed to avail a certain policy.
14. How often should a policy be reviewed?
Its imperative that you keep an eye on your coverage, at least in every quarter of the year. In case your life is moving a little to fast and situations are changing around you (marriages, having a baby) its better if you review your coverage possibilities more often. You never know when life might throw you surprises.
15. How do I make a change to my existing policy?
Your policy is your asset, which comes with a few terms and conditions. Life insurance policies cannot be changed in general, rather, you can transform your current insurance policy into lifetime insurance. There are a few steps to be followed in either case. If you want to change an existing policy, please contact us with your existing policy details, either through our hotline or email.
16. Are pre-existing conditions covered?
Just like any other insurers, generally pre-existing conditions are not covered. But here at Carnival Assure, we value your any and every concern. We encourage you to fill up our ‘Contact Me’ form to get in touch with one of our insurance experts. Our insurance expert will get in touch with you to address your individual case.

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