Carnival Solo (Gold)

For 1 year & 1 person by Chartered Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Policy Details

Death (at any cause) BDT 100,000
Hospitalization (in-patient service) BDT 30,000
Out-patient service BDT 4,000
  • Number of insured persons – 1
  • Policy validity - 1 year from the date of registration
  • Any Bangladeshi National
  • Aged between 18 - 60 years
  • Death (at any cause) – BDT 100,000

    * death due to any cause other than suicide/HIV-AIDS

  • Hospitalization (in-patient service) - BDT 30,000

    * an in-patient is someone who's been admitted to hospital at least for a night as per doctor's recommendation.

    • In-patient services include - during hospitalization period Room rent, Hospital services, Surgical expenses, Consultation fees, Diagnostic bills, Medicine etc.
    • Maximum confinement benefit - BDT 2,000/day (maximum 15 days/year)
  • Out-patient service - BDT 4,000

    * an out-patient is someone who goes to a hospital for a treatment but does not stay overnight.

    • Out-patient services include – diagnostic tests and related attending physician's visit
    • Doctor's visit BDT 200/prescription
    • Diagnosis bills (20% copayment – paid by patients)



  • Yearly Coverage up to

    BDT 134,000

  • Yearly Premium (one time payment)

    BDT 999

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Yearly Premium (one time payment) 999 BDT