Guardian Life Booster

By Guardian Life Insurance Limited

Coverage up toCoverage BDT 110,000

Premium - BDT 450

Death (at any cause) Death (at any cause) BDT 100,000
Hospitalization (in-patient service) Hospitalization (in-patient service) BDT 10,000
  • Number of insured persons - 1
  • Policy validity - 1 year from the date of registration
  • Any Bangladeshi National
  • Aged between 18 - 60 years
  • Death (at any cause) - BDT 100,000

    * Death due to any cause other than suicide/HIV-AIDS

  • In-patient service/Hospital Cashback - BDT 10,000

    * an in-patient is someone who's been admitted to hospital at least for a night as per doctor's recommendation

    • In-patient services include - during hospitalization period Room rent, Hospital services, Surgical expenses, Medicine etc.
    • Maximum confinement benefit for Hospicash - BDT 1,000/day
    • Maximum 3 days in a row

Core Exclusions:

  • Waiting period of 30 days from date of registration, for which period no IPD claim shall be entertained
  • 24 hours hospital waiting period after admission will be applied for Hospitalization (in-patient service) coverage
  • Maximum 3 days coverage at a stretch will be considered as a single confinement for Hospitalization (in-patient service)
  • Life coverage will start immediately after purchase
  • Death due to any cause other than Suicide/HIV-AIDS is covered under Life Insurance
  • Claim must be made within 90 days of incident
  • This is a non-refundable product
  • Only MBBS or above qualified doctor's prescriptions will be valid


General Exclusions:                                                 

  • Pre-existing Conditions: Any pre-existing conditions shall mean any illness or disability of which the Policyholder is aware, or of which symptoms were evident, or for which the Policyholder received medical advice or treatment within last twenty-four months immediately prior to the date of his policy inception.
  • Non-Allopathic and Experimental Treatment: any Non-Allopathic treatment, Treatment provided by a medical practitioner who is not recognized by the Medical Council of Bangladesh, Experimental, investigational or unproven treatment, devices and pharmacological regimens
  • Breach of Law: Any Illness or Injury directly or indirectly resulting or arising from or occurring during commission of any breach of any law by the Policyholder with any criminal intent, and/or Participating in any types of illegal activities.
  • Conflicts and Disasters: War, or any act of War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, war like operations
  • Military Services: Involvement in the naval, military, or air force operations
  • Aviation: A direct consequence of participation by the Policyholder in any flying
  • Hazardous Activities: Policyholder's participation or involvement in racing, diving, scuba diving, parachuting, hang-gliding, rock or mountain climbing.
  • Self-Inflicted injuries or attempted suicide: Treatment for, or arising from, an injury that is intentionally self-inflicted, including attempted suicide while sane or insane.
  • Substance Misuse and De-addiction: The abuse or the consequences of the abuse of intoxicants or hallucinogenic substances such as intoxicating drugs (not prescribed by Registered Medical Practitioner) and alcohol, including smoking cessation programs and the treatment of nicotine addiction or any other substance
  • Rehabilitation and Convalescence: Convalescence, rest cure, sanatorium treatment, rehabilitation measures, private duty nursing, respite care, long-term nursing care or custodial care, general debility or exhaustion ("run-down condition").
  • Cosmetic treatments: Aesthetic treatment, cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery or related treatment of any description including any complications attributable to such treatments other than as may be necessitated due to an Accident, cancer or burns. Any medical treatment related with beautification or luxury of patients like laser treatment for hair/skin, spot removal, alopecia, dandruff, skin protectors, skin softeners, skin moisturizers etc. even with valid advice by Physician.
  • Sleep and Obesity: Weight management services and treatment, vitamins and tonics related (including morbid obesity) and any treatment related to sleep disorder or sleep apnea syndrome.
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy: Medical expenses incurred by Policyholder for any type of hormone replacement therapy.
  • Dental treatments: Any dental treatment or surgery unless necessitated due to an Accident.
  • Routine Eye(s) and (Ear) ailments: Cost of routine eye and ear examinations, cost of spectacles, laser surgery for correction of refractory errors, contact lenses, hearing aids, dentures and artificial teeth.
  • HIV/AIDS: Any treatment for or treatment arising from Human Immunodeficiency
  • Sexually transmitted Disease and other Sexual problems: Treatment for any sexually transmitted disease, including Genital Warts, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Genital Herpes, Chlamydia, Pubic Lice and Trichomoniasis. Treatment of any sexual problem including impotence (irrespective of the cause) and sex changes/ gender reassignments or erectile dysfunction.
  • Circumcision: Circumcision unless necessary for the treatment of a disease or necessitated by an Accident.
  • Birth Control and Assisted Reproduction /Infertility: a. Any type of contraception, sterilization and family planning; b. Treatment to assist reproduction, including IVF treatment.
  • Pregnancy: Any treatment arising from or traceable to pregnancy (including Illness), childbirth, maternity (including caesarean section), abortion or complications of any of these. This exclusion does not apply in case of ectopic pregnancy and emergency arising from rupture ovarian cyst, pregnancy eligible for payment under 'Maternity Benefit' as described in this policy.
  • OPD for any sorts of Dental and Optical treatment.
  • Pre and post hospitalization expenses: Pre and post Hospitalization expense is not payable.
  • Psychological disorders: Any expense incurred on Treatment of mental illness, stress, psychiatric or psychological disorder.
  • Congenital Conditions/ Congenital infirmity Treatment of any Congenital Anomaly or illness or defects or anomalies or treatment related to birth defects.
  • Preliminary diagnostics materials and Examination: a. Charges incurred primarily for diagnostic, X-ray or laboratory examination not consistent with or not incidental to the diagnosis and treatment of positive existence or presence of any Illness or Injury for which Inpatient hospitalization required. b. Any Hospitalization primarily for investigation, evaluation and /or diagnosis purpose. c. Routine Health Check-ups / Executive health check up
  • Expenses of Life Insured as Donor or cost of Donor: Expenses related to donor screening, treatment, including surgery to remove organs from a donor in the case of transplant surgery, where the life insured acts as a donor. This exclusion will not apply where life insured is an organ recipient.
  • Failure to take Reasonable Medical Care: The Company’s not obliged to make payment for any claim or that part of any claim that could have been avoided or reduced if the Policyholder had taken reasonable care, or that is brought about or contributed to by the Policyholder failing to follow the directions, advice or guidance provided by a Registered Medical Practitioner.
  • Expenses Other than Reasonable and Customary Medically Necessary: a. Any treatment or part of a treatment that is not of a reasonable and customary charge, not medically necessary, drugs or treatments which are not supported by a prescription. b. Charges related to a Hospital stay not expressly mentioned as being covered, including but not limited to charges for admission, discharge, administration, registration, documentation and filing.
  • Immunization & Nutritional treatment: All preventive care, vaccination including inoculation and prophylactic immunizations, any physical, psychiatric or psychological examinations or testing, enteral feedings (infusion formulae via a tube into the upper gastrointestinal tract) and other nutritional and electrolyte supplements, unless certified to be required by the attending Registered Medical Physician as a direct consequence of an otherwise covered claim.
  • Nuclear Reaction: Injury, destruction or damage caused by nuclear fission, nuclear fusion or irradiation.
  • Others: Apart from the above-mentioned exclusions, we are covering all other scenarios, procedures or conditions.
  • One can avail a maximum life coverage of Five Lakh Taka (BDT 500,000)
  • One can avail a maximum Hospicash/IPD Coverage of Fifty Thousand Taka (BDT 50,000)