Chartered Life - Single Premium Classic

for 10 Years by Chartered Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Policy Details

Maturity Value (after 10 years) BDT 170,000
Tax Rebate (up to) BDT 15,000
  • Number of Insured: 1
  • An individual person can take multiple number of policies
  • Age Limit: 18 to 60 Years
  • For death during the facility tenure, claim will be settled as:
Death within 2nd Year BDT 110,000
Death between 2 to 4 Years BDT 115,000
Death between 4 to 6 Years BDT 120,000
Death between 6 to 8 Years BDT 125,000
Death after 8th Year BDT 130,000
  • Surrender Value: Any customer may surrender his/her policy any time after completion of 24 months period. Surrender value shall be the account value (deposited amount + any interest earned in flat rate – any expenditure related to the policy) only. All other guideline provided by IDRA will be applicable.
  • Loan Amount: Any Insured may avail 80 % of surrender value of the said policy as loan after completion of 24 months period. 14% interest accumulated interest shall be applicable on outstanding loan
  • Income Tax Rebate: Insured will get certificate for Premium deposit which can be used for Income Tax rebate.



  • Yearly Coverage up to

    BDT 170,000

  • Yearly Premium (one time payment)

    BDT 100,000

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Yearly Premium (one time payment) 100,000 BDT