Delta Life 365

For 1 year & 1 person

Coverage up toBDT 100,000

Premium - BDT 365

Death (at any cause) Death (at any cause) BDT 100,000
Critical Illness (CI) Critical Illness (CI) BDT 100,000
  • Number of insured – 1
  • Policy validity - 1 year from the date of registration
  • Any Bangladeshi National
  • Aged between 18 - 45 years
  • An individual is allowed to buy one policy only and policy benefits shall be offered only once during the lifetime of a single individual
  • Life Coverage of Primary Member (Death at any cause except mentioned in exclusion) – BDT 100,000
  • Critical Illness (CI) - BDT 100,000

    * Coverage of risk for 03 (three) major critical diseases sustained during the period of insurance coverage.

    • Cancer : A disease manifested by the presence of a malignant tumor characterized by uncontrolled growth and spread of malignant cells and the invasion of tissue. Diagnosis must be evidenced by definite histology. The term ‘cancer’ also includes leukemia and malignant diseases of the lymphatic system such as Hodgkin’s disease. Excluded are malignant tumors in presence of HIV, any non-invasive cancer in situ and all skin cancers except invasive malignant melanoma.
    • Coronary Artery Surgery : The actual undergoing of open chest surgery for the correction of two or more coronary arteries which are narrowed or blocked, by coronary artery bypass graft (CABG). The surgery must have been proven to be necessary by means of coronary angiography. Angioplasty and/or any other intra-arterial procedures including key-hole surgery are excluded from insurance coverage.
    • Major Organ Transplant : The actual undergoing of transplantation as the recipient of following human organs:
    • Heart, lung, liver, kidney, pancreas that resulted from irreversible end stage failure of the relevant organ.
    • Human bone marrow using hematopoietic stem cells preceded by total bone marrow ablation.
    • The transplantation of any other organs, parts of organs, tissues or cells are excluded from insurance coverage.

No benefit shall be paid under this Contract for expenses or losses resulting from or incurred in connection with or in consequence of the following:

Core Exclusions:

  • Waiting period of 15 (fifteen) days from date of registration, for which period no death claim shall be entertained
  • Waiting period of 90 (ninety) days from date of registration, for which period no critical illness claim shall be entertained
  • Insurance coverage shall cease upon settlement of any claim under the policy


General Exclusions:


  • Any pre-existing condition
  • Any congenital disease
  • Suicide
  • AIDS & HIV disease
  • Specific exclusions mentioned under Critical Illness