Nishchinto Standard

1 person ( Age up to 35 years )

Coverage up toBDT 50,000

Premium - BDT 931

Hospitalization ( in-patient service) Hospitalization ( in-patient service) BDT 50,000
  • Number of insured persons – 1
  • Health Coverage (in-patient)

    * an in-patient is someone who's been admitted to hospital at least for a night as per doctor's recommendation.

    • Hospital accommodation (including all room services and telephone charges) - Actual cost (maximum BDT 1200/- per day)
    • Major surgical operation - Actual cost (maximum BDT 15,000 per case)
    • Intermediate surgical operation - Actual cost (maximum BDT 10,000 per case)
      • Consultant’s fee - Actual cost (maximum BDT 500/- per day)
      • Routine investigations - Actual cost (maximum BDT 1,000/-)
      • Medicine & drugs prescribed by the Consultant - Actual cost (maximum BDT 4,000/-*)
    • Labor room services, post-operative care facilities, Oxygen therapy, skilled nursing services, intensive care facility, blood transfusions, ambulance service, dressing, tests other than routine investigations - 80% of the total amount (maximum BDT 6,000)

No benefit shall be paid under this Contract for expenses or losses resulting from or incurred in connection within consequence of the following:


  • Any congenital infirmity
  • Any pre-existing Condition
  • Mental, emotional or psychiatric disorders, alcoholism or any other narcotic addiction
  • Prophylactic and immunization procedures
  • Any procedure which is experimental or not generally accepted by the medical profession (i.e.; acupuncture)
  • Any cosmetic or plastic treatment/surgery unless required as reconstructive surgery as a consequence of an injury due to accidents or burns
  • Rest, convalescence or rejuvenation cures, thermal baths, physiotherapy or confinement for the purposes of slimming or beautification
  • Family planning purposes including termination of pregnancy during the first twelve weeks from the date conception, sterility
  • Willful abortion or any complication and/or sequel there from
  • Attempted suicide, violation or attempted violation of the law, injuries willfully or intentionally self-inflicted or due to insanity or under the influence of a drug
  • Routine examination of eye and ear, fitting or replacement of eyeglasses (including Contract lenses) or hearing aids
  • Routine physical examinations (health check-ups), radiotherapy (X-ray, radium or radioactive isotopes treatment), chemotherapy or any form of treatment when not incidental or necessary to the treatment of the injury/illness which caused the hospitalization
  • Any dental treatment
  • Injury arising due to accident while participating in any unlawful activities (e.g. driving a car without a license)
  • Non-surgical care for tuberculosis
  • Injury or disease directly or indirectly attributed to or civil commotion
  • Circumcision
  • Injury, destruction or damage caused by nuclear fission, nuclear fusion or irradiation
  • Treatment of a newborn child upto the age of 3 months
  • AIDS and HIV related diseased